I've worked to dismantle oppression as an educator in New York, from the classroom to the nonprofit space to, now, the largest division in the city's Department of Education. I also provide consulting services as a facilitator, learning designer, and sensitivity reader.

In all contexts, my approach is the same: I debias people and the systems they form together, advancing individual development and collective change. I model the awareness I ask of others, acknowledging the biases I, like everyone, am conditioned to uphold but must confront to align my intentions to my impact.

On a concrete level, I use breakout spaces to maximize dialogue and minimize professional risk through careful grouping; design learning based on the needs and perspectives within an organization, especially but not exclusively from its staff of color; and coach people on making small, permanent shifts in how they work together that, as a whole, form powerful progress.

Outside of work, I live in Harlem with my partner and our "furmily" of two cats and a very sweet senior dog.